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Desi Comedy Shows is spawned out of our parent company Gaalis in South Asian languages translates as curse words.


At or @Gaalipedia we provide a plethora of raunchy comedy. This site the comedy is dedicated to the South Asian community. On this site as well as Instagram we include dirty jokes, memes, reels, books comedy clubs, and much more.

Welcome to Desi Comedy Shows!!!!

Since our founding in 2021, we have hosted multiple comedy events across different locations; clearly, we are unstoppable in the standup comedy scene! 

As the stand-up world continues to evolve, we have followed suit—we are staying true to the South Asian community. We at Gaalis have identified a gap in our society in the comedic world to serve South Asians via their own comics and the topics that pertain to them. We cater our humor to our community.

Our events set the standard of what “Desi” comedy should be. Yes, but anything can happen with the comedic backdrop.

For comedians, this is a launching pad to take their career off to a new level.

We are the upper echelon of desi humor. 

Yes, we are funny!

Yes, we are raunchy!

Yes, we are classy!

Yes, we are messy!

Yes, we are vulgar!

Yes, we are dirty!

Yes, we are hilarious!

Yes, we are weird!

Yes, yes, yes… we are desi comedy 😊!

De taali… le gaali…

Standup Comedy:

Stand-up comedy is a comedy performance where a comedian performs in front of a live audience, often addressing them directly from the stage. The performer is often known as a comic, comedian, or simply stand-up.” – Unknown

Comedy Club 

“Comedy Club is a venue—typically a nightclub, bar, hotel, casino, or restaurant—where people watch or listen to performances, including stand-up comedians, improvisational comedians, impersonators, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists, and other comedy acts.[1] The term “comedy club” usually refers to venues that feature stand-up comedy, as distinguished from improvisational theatres, which host improv or sketch comedy, and variety clubs (which may also host musical acts).” – Wikipedia